A bit about Help Earth!

Help Earth was formed in mid-2005 and officially got registered on 23rd October, 2006. The organization was formed with a vision to conserve and to spread awareness amongst masses regarding lesser known fauna and habitats. Help Earth primarily works throughout Northeast India in association with other NGO’s, Educational Institutes and Local Administration.

Core Activities

  • Carried out extensive research on amphibian and reptiles of northeast India resulting in description of many new species and new locality records.
  • Carried out extensive work on conversation of turtles throughout northeast india with emphasis on turtles within temple ponds of the region and black softshell (Nilssonia nigricans) turtle as a flagship species.
  • Carried out extensive research on urban biodiversity of Guwahati resulting in three quality papers and a book. Through this work we have created baseline data on urban biodiversity of Guwahati including species checklist for amphbians, reptiles, birds, mammals and butterflies.
  • Carried out genetic work to identify cryptic diversity in many groups of herpatofauna.
  • Inside Out conducted numerous eco tours and have created scores of video content for awareness purpose.
  • Earth craft has created wide variety of craft including animal fridge magnets, tshirts, animal mementos, etc. Presently Earth Craft is actively involved in paper making from water hyacinth.

Black Softshell Turtle: Back from the Brink

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“An organisationfor the conservation and research on biodiversity of Northeast India”

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