• About half of the species worldwide are

    threatened with extinction.

    Save Turtles
  • The only biodiversity that we see around us in

    Save urban Biodiversity, We can!

    Guwahati‘s Biodiversity

  • Wetlands need help: are we ready?
  • More data better conservation strategies!

    Research and conservation, go hand in hand
  • You can help them to Protect their lives

    See Birds, Love Birds, Save Birds

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Help Earth was formed in mid-2005 and officially got registered in October, 2006. The initial operations of the organization mainly consisted of environment and science related awareness programs. With age came experience, and the organization started actively contributing towards research and conservation of biodiversity in northeast India. The organisation supports and assists government machineries in policy and decision makings. Most of the core members of the organisation are actively contributing in the field of researchon different aspect of biodiversity. Help Earth is a part of United Nation’s Integrated Civil Society Organizations (iCSO) System.

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